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RL78 small module
  • Model name : RM-RL78-G13
  • Price : USD (TAX included)
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    1. TheSpecification of RL78 small module (RM-RL78-G13)
    • RL78/G13 Prototyping module

    • It can be used maximum 32MHz using on-chip oscillator. In addition, equippedwith 32.768kHz X-tal for the clock correction and the RTC, and an externalclock up to 20MHz X-tal. You can connect and disconnect each clock source byconnecting a jumper or not.

    • Built-in multi-purpose connector. Using the E1 emulator, you canwrite your binary to target board and debug it, and also you can write thebinary by the programmer(RD-RL78-FP) using 1-Wire UART specification.

    • Built-in testswitch(P14 D0, Should be internal pull-up for active high operation)

    • At P7 D0~D3 pin,testing led is also equipped. It works as Active-High, and You can connect and disconnect each pin connection to led byconnecting a jumper or not

    • Power connector J8can work with 1.8 ~ 5.5V. If voltage is changed, then operation voltage andcurrent of I/O pin will be changed, also.

    48 pins are arranged oneach pin 24 to the left or right. By this arrangement, you can study togetherwith breadboard mounting.


    RM-RL78-G13 module (TOP) 



     RM-RL78-G13module (BOTTOM)