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Isp mode error while programming avr AM128pl using Avr studio 4
 Name : Prasana
Date : 14-08-11 15:33
Hit : 3,010  

I'm using AM128Pl module with AM-Ms2 for controlling the stepper motor. Also i use AD-USBISP-L V03.  First i try to connect the the AD-USBisp and AM128pl by following the avr tutorial provide in your company website. I used Avr studio 4.16, every time I try to connect the board in avr isp mode I get the following error.

Setting mode and device parameters.. OK!
Entering programming mode.. FAILED!
Leaving programming mode.. OK!
 I try to lower the isp clock, but nothing works. Also i attached the dialog box as a picture.
Help would be much appreciated!