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Error install driver on WIN 7 64 bit for AD-USBISP V03
 Name : administrato…
Date : 15-07-31 22:53
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Dear customer,
First of all, we appreciate you for using NEWTC product.

Please, let me know what is your OS system?
Windows 7 64bit ?

AD-USBISP V03 cannot install the driver for Windows 7 64 bit.
When it was develeoped, Windows 7 64 bit didn't exist, so we couldn't test it.

There is solution for this.
1. If you have another PC using WIndows XP or Windows 7 32bit,
    then please insert USBISP over there, and install the driver over here first.

2.If the driver is installed there, then you should change PID to 0xEA60.
  To change PID of USBISP,
  1) Please, download the attached file(, and unzip it.
  2) Insert USBISP to that driver installed PC, and please execute CP210xSetIDs.exe
  3) You will see the picture similar to 1.png.
  4) Please change EA60 to PID only, then you will see 2.png.
  5) Please, Press "Program Device"
      When you do this, please be careful!  Because if you do this wrong, then you should send it
      to NEWTC Corp to fix it.
  6) Remove USBISP from usb port, and please insert it to your another target PC(Maybe WIndows7 64bit or 32 bit or XP)
  7) Please, unzip "", and execute CP210x_VCP_Win2K_XP_S2K3.exe
  8) Now you will see your driver is well installed.

If you have any trouble when you do this, please leave any message over here.
Thank you.

> Dear Admin,
> I have an error. I had tried some way but it still can not install successfully